Abort to Abort - Ishikka Ladia

Everything known to mankind is contradictory. Abortion to some is sinful, to end a life just before it begins, but to many others it is a second chance. Everything known to mankind is also dependent on laws and regulations. Laws which are supposed to protect and regulations that provide for the citizens. Everything known to mankind has also come down to empowerment. Empowerment and not equality.

According to the recent affairs a series of ‘Abortion Ban’ in America has swept the whole world into a state of debate and discussion. However, what is more shocking is that instead of cogitating the fairness of someone not having a choice over the decision of their bodies, this exchange of views is more concerned with the gender of the majority behind this bill.

Abortion ban clearly affects the female sector of the society and according to statistics, the hands who passed the bill consisted a majority of the male fragment. The citizens of America and people world-wide somehow seem to focus more on this detail rather than the inequitable step. However, they forget that it was a woman who sponsored the bill and a woman who signed it to law. Thus, the thought to ponder over is that whether this is a fight against the ban or a fight against the men helping the ban.

Just because this concerns a female population it becomes easy for everyone to raise their voice to blame the men. Feminism and women empowerment become cannon fodder to weaken the walls of the government. Let’s not forget that even though their actions might not be right, maybe they don’t even have best intentions but that doesn’t mean that it can simply be made a male against female battle in order to run another round of ‘women empowerment.’

Feminism is growing stronger but at the same time it is also taking a wrong turn. It’s losing sight of equality and looking more onto power. Owing to this, it is easy to forget that equality also counts for male and female being equals; being human. So, looking at the ‘Abortion Ban’ from the point of view that the government of the state has passed the bill instead of ‘men making laws about women’s bodies’ the goal becomes clearer because this is not a fight against the government it’s a fight against a particular law. This realisation is not only important for righteousness but is important so as to reach the destination which deems fit.

Having removed any misconception that the law stands unfit due to who made it, there are five main arguments as to how abortion ban is an unjust law: –

Figures show that the rate of abortion concerning teen pregnancy is way lower than that concerning women in an age group of twenty-five above. These women in most cases are either economically unstable or already have a family consisting of children. Forcing them to produce a life they can’t manage to take care of is not only a punishment for them but also for their child, which doesn’t really seem beneficial. However, whenever one thinks of abortion, teen pregnancy seems to jump up in everyone’s brains. Taking that into consideration, the Florida abortion bill requires a judge to rule if the juvenile is mature enough to terminate the pregnancy. Well if she isn’t mature enough then how can anyone expect her to raise a kid, and if not raise how do you think she can carry on being healthy with all the pressure and stress?

Females not having the economical, emotional or reliable stability being forced into having a child will lead to both physical and mental exhaustion. They may turn out to be unfit parents. Abuse or mental degradation are no new terms, not only in soap operas but in real life too abusive parents, emotionally unstable kids, condemnation and reprehension are quite familiar. Banning abortion might not lead all situations to be so but the rates of the occurrence of such calamities as compared to now will surely be more. Passing this is just indirect physical and mental abuse.

However, calling that an abuse seems very minor when the state won’t even allow an abortion to rape or incest victims. Fatality to the mother or the child having an anomaly are the only exceptions they are ready to make. Where is the empathy? What happened to humility? Is the human race so far gone that they wont help those that need it? So far so that they are leading on a way where even miscarriages will be seen as an offence. The lady just lost her child but no investigation and imprisonment is more important than being a fellow citizen.

Then again, the worth of a citizen has been lost for a long time now because the progress of a country has started to be noticed from else where than the citizens who make the country. Somehow the country’s progress has become different than the citizen’s progress because another reason behind this law is to have enough population and economy and to avoid any decline in America’s growth.

They talk about liberty but then they put a ban on making a life impacting choice. Overlooking the fact that the decision to carry a child is of the mother, the one whose body is responsible for the child, how can someone be forced into doing something with there body that they don’t want to? Isn’t this somewhat an abuse. Yes, abortion is stopping a life from coming into this world but let’s not forget that this is not about nine months of pregnancy, its about a lifetime of responsibility which is being given to someone who doesn’t want it. What use bringing a child into this world only to kill it slowly? How clouded is this judgement of not trusting one with a decision but trusting them with a child?

To conclude this argument about a law, which has taken control of everyone’s emotions is quite contradictory to its benefits. It’s leaving citizens vulnerable and taking away their freedom. Its an abuse disguised in the form of a mere ‘ban’. Branding people going against this law, murderers and people going along with it inhumane, it leaves the people it comes across as harassed and this is the harassment which bridges the gap between its own prejudice and the prejudice against this law.