Black Lives Matter - Aamish Azeem

Black lives matter,

Their rights you can’t shatter!

George was killed in broad daylight

With that monster on his neck, he couldn’t manage to fight.

Ahmaud was jogging, and he was shot dead

No support from anyone, “A vicious dog!” They yelled.

There are thousands like them who suffer, and yet

The Politicians, the Great Leaders – not a single word do they utter

They’ve been exploited for years but not anymore!

We have felt their pain from our own hearts’ cores.

So we stand up together for the sake of humanity,

‘Racism’ is what they call it – I call it insanity.

We will fight for them and their deserving right,

In the racists’ dark minds, we will switch on the light!

Because, remember, this is a fight against their thinking, and not against them.

And I hope we’re going to win it with love, peace and care

So there won’t ever be another Floyd with such pain to bear.