Do Aliens Exist - Aahana Agarwal

"Yes" they do! This question must have come to your mind several times, there is no doubt that people love to talk and think about aliens, but when we talk about aliens it seems that we are talking about fairies, unicorns, beasts or something that doesn't exist or is imaginary. I don't get why we human beings don't want to believe that aliens exist even after thousands of encounters, there have been many doubtful sightings of aliens but when same doubtful things happen again and again then they don't remain doubtful they become true, it seems that we will only start to believe in aliens when they come and finally expose themselves to us. Just think that you are on your roof and see a UFO, you are sure that it is a UFO because the image is clear and you are also sure that its not any kind of drone or a remote control devise because the kind of technology used in the UFO is too high to be used in a remote control device, first of all it will take time for you only to believe in yourself, then when you are 100% sure you go to your family members or friends and try to explain what you saw, do you think that even one of them will believe in what you are saying, of course not. They would first say that it must be some sort of bird or a light weight thing in the air, when you will act too serious about it then they will start saying that you have become mad or you are dumb, they will make thousands of scenarios but won't believe for a second that you are saying the truth. That is what the people think, they don't want to think out of the box. I read somewhere that reliable and trained pilots near US gave the most fascinating sighting about aliens I have ever heard of, but do the astronomers know about it? Have they heard about it? Have they read anything about it? Evidently not, they say those pilots are dumb and what they saw and reported has been ignored. If we think logically, there are billions of stars that have been discovered and there and still many stars yet to be discovered...there are other seven planets in the solar system itself and many more discovered and undiscovered planets, can it not be possible that even on one planet other than Earth life exists. Also, the universe is huge and continuously expanding even if they are not in our reach still they can be out there. It is possible that aliens are already aware of our existence but don't want to show themselves to us because they are terrified of what is done to species other than humans on our planet , it is possible that they are less technologically advanced than us and don't have a single clue about us . It is true that the second the people of Earth will get aware of the aliens' existence, they will lash out, tear them apart and say it "RESEARCH ON ALIENS" rather than understanding them and familiarizing them with the Earth. Well, this mystery would be solved on day, I would recommend you to give a thought to this question, I am sure your thoughts would't end.