Lessons Learnt - Aishika Manu

Shame and survival or survival and shame, sounds intimidating both ways and are definitely the most dreaded phases of life where we try our best to deter. Our darling Monica had definitely not taken any inspiration from our very dear #mondler goals else she wouldn’t be falling for married men. Because for her, it passes as her only lifetime achievement. I’m afraid after this comment, you would lift your eyebrows and fuel your anger but hear me out, for a woman who mentions in TED talks that being 22 and in “love” was the worst mistake of her life and she’d rather forget every bit of it, recalling it and memorializing the date 20 years later seems farcical. I guess with the company and influence like hers, one is bound to trip. Linda Tripp, again is one of those bees who sting you only for a pitiful demise. The parasite. The game hungry pig that will latch onto your story, take her revenge, destroy you and make millions out of it.  Well, Monica fell for Linda’s bait and gave the press something to do all day but succeed at nearly rendering the President unemployed. Bill Clinton faced the most horrible highlight of his career (read-life). From staying adamant in making pretence remarks to publically accepting and apologising , must have been one hell of a wild ride both for him and his people. Let’s not even talk about controlling his pheromones or not being able to conceal the stains on the blue dress. It’s just hilarious. Well, just not enough for Hillary though. To be honest, she portrayed how by even speaking nothing you can deliver a lot. Pulling off public stunts with considerable aplomb when you want to wring your husband’s neck for his illegitimate sexual relationships deserves a lot of bravos. All said and done we need to keep certain things in mind. This case has had a lot of prating from across the globe and there are numerous sides to be seen with confessions to be made to a devastated country (also to a wife,daughter,world and probably the aliens), handling phoney empathy offered after a “clickbait” and doing damage repair. Every individual involved teaches us something from their takeaways. While we look at it even today and gossip, we need to understand that not everything in our lives will come under our control and there will be things that are not our responsibility but still affect us the most and in such situations we can only have the chance to forget and forgive because sometimes accepting the most unacceptable things is the best way out. Bill taught us that apologizing never makes you a coward since the only way out is through. But the most important lesson learnt is that your past and your mistakes CAN NOT DEFINE WHO YOU ARE unless you give them the power like Monica does till date.