Listen dear artist - Ishikka Ladia

Listen dear artist, listen to me

Forget it later but for now at least

Listen for the love that you want to display

I ask you to feel hate as you paint it

Keep your ears open for the howl of trust

But remember betrayal that’s fading into dust

Do remain aware of the rustling of beauty

However don’t miss out on the slither of the ugly

Hear those lovely little chimes of hope

But return back to stark silence of the loss of scope

Embracing the difference that you are fortunate to know

Feel the one you don’t want to show

Before painting your picture draw this thin line

So you know where to go even when blind

Are you listening dear artist? Not to me.

Listen to the feelings that are sweet

Then if you may, keep my voice in your head

Telling you to reminiscence nightmares instead

Don’t question it then as you will need the flow

But pay attention now, hear this slow

What’s worth knowing is not worth at all

If you don’t know the worth of not knowing the fall.