Lives Matter. - Muskan Mehta

Forlorn and an estranged soul,

Shattered like trustless glass.

Lost in the mystifying woods,

In the quest of empathetic trees.

Abandoned by the world,

who painted everlasting prejudice

on the canvas of her mind.

Seeked solace under the virginal white glimmer.

Mirage of thoughts owed her an eternal rest.

Thought of herself as an empty space,

Absolutely barren, denuded of hues.

But over the catastrophic night;

Ascertained to be colourless,

Than see a world,torn over colours.

Scattered under the same sky,

Drained pieces;

Of good and bad,

Quashing melancholy,

Came together to form a captivating montgage.

Among all the injustice;

an essence of art,

Brought all the colors together

Not tearing them apart.

Embrace your perfections,

Laugh off your flaws,

For it is not the white shade, 

But the scars defining the moon.

Bet wixt shades of black, white and brown.. 

Look out for the rainbow.