Lives: They matter - Nusaybah Rizvi

He went through it quietly,

Though he was in immense pain,

He knew they would never understand,

For, their skin colour wasn’t the same.

Did he not have… the same blood?

She didn’t say a word,

Though she was deeply hurt within,

She stayed shut because she was a girl,

Wasn’t she made to pleasure him?

Was she not part of us…. “The people”?

He cried and begged all night,

He swore on his god he wasn’t a bomb,

But because he took the name of Allah,

He was treated different from the norm.

Was he not… Human?

But isn’t it said, none of us are part of a minority,

Then shouldn’t it be so,

That all of us are treated with equality,

For we’ve got the same blood, we’re all the same people,

We are all human, We are all equal.