Nature's Response to Human Transgression - Mahi Tripathi

We all are aware of the fact that in a matter of months,the world has been transformed. We are currently witnessing lock down of the entire world, due to the spread of a deadly novel

coronavirus,covid-19. Lockdowns are aimed at controlling the spread of Covid-19 but all this

has also led to some unexplained consequences. Coronavirus is catastrophic but it opens a

new path.

From cleaner air to liberated wildlife,coronavirus lockdowns across the globe appear to have

had a number of positive effects on the environment. Cities have seen pollution levels


Most of you might argue that lockdowns, closing all factories and banning cars from the

roads, is not a sustainable way to tackle climate change but climate scientists and

environmental advocates say that adapting to climate change does not require radical shut

downs and that it is too early to celebrate, pointing out that these benefits are short lived.

Nevertheless, the governments must take this as a warning, as Nature’s Response to Human Transgression.

While the coronavirus pandemic and climate change are two inherently different issues, they

share two important characteristics-both are global health crisis that threaten the lives of

millions of people. Yet, only one crisis inspired widespread and drastic action from countries

across the globe.Coronavirus is proving that it is possible to make dramatic changes and

economic sacrifices to save lives.

For decades, scientists have been demanding that climate crisis be taken seriously but despite numerous international agreements, governments have been slow to take action to reduce carbon emissions, completely ignoring the fact that the climate crisis is also a global health emergency and that air pollution kills 7 million people every year according to the World Health Organisation.

Maybe Mother Earth is sending us a message through the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe is

trying to respond. And the time to act has come for sure.

The time has come to put all our differences aside and ‘Act Together’, humanity needs to stand together at this point of time. As the society becomes more connected, collaboration and cooperation will be needed to reduce the impact of future epidemics. ’Working Together’ is the key to solve this problem.