Technological Opportunities in India: COVID-19 and beyond

India is a developing country, which means that it depends on other developed countries for its resources; however, it is now necessary that India becomes self-reliant in order to move towards success and achieve milestones.

COVID-19 has taken over the entire world; yet, technology has continued to advance further. Even the novel-coronavirus has been unable to stall brilliant engineers and Artificial-Intelligence developers. Their knowledge is needed now more than ever. As the world faces this pandemic, technology has equipped people with amenities at home as well as in public places.

India has progressed fairly in the field of digitalization, among others. It is said that “every cloud has a silver lining.”: in the same way, the pandemic can be seen either as an obstacle or as a boon, for it has provided us with opportunities for new technological developments. This crisis seems to provide a sudden glimpse into a future world, one in which technology is involved in every aspect.

This opportunity should be seized by our nation to strengthen our digital infrastructure, in order to deal with the ongoing and any future public health crises. Integration of Artificial Intelligence in the public health sector would prove extremely helpful today and in the days to come.

It has been a major challenge to ensure that people wear their face masks, follow social distancing norms and do not flout guidelines. Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated to do such tasks so as to reduce the number of people whose lives are put in danger even when the pandemic is over: such use of artificial intelligence will prove efficient. If the current uses of technology continue in the future, India will have taken a huge step towards its absolute digitalization.

Nearly all people amidst the pandemic are using technology widely. Educational institutions have taken to online learning so that no loss of education (be it time or quality) takes place. Many competitions and workshops are organized online so that the overall development of students is not affected. In fact, many people have utilized the lockdown to develop new skills which can only benefit our country, both now and in the future. Reputed universities have started online courses for students all around the globe. Indian students, too, are benefitting from learning from top educators of many universities. Their knowledge will eventually prove advantageous to the nation, for the youth is the future of the country.

It is not unknown that nearly 68 per cent of India’s population lives in rural areas. Thus, it is also extremely important that citizens in villages benefit from the technology. People have started using online delivery for groceries, saving time and fuel, and reducing pollution.

This COVID-19 pandemic should be seized as an opportunity to rediscover and reinvent commodities which will prove helpful in further development of the public healthcare system as well as India’s progress on the road to success.