The Power and Psychology Of Positive Thinking- Kashvi Gulati

Everybody must fathom the belief that a single positive thought can transform us into a better version of ourselves, making us a lot more endearing than we already are.

The problem is that we always focus on “What if it DOESN’T happen?”

“What if I DON’T get into a good college?”

“What if I DON’T score good marks this semester?”

“I CAN’T do this.”

These are just a few examples of the questions that we bother our minds within our day-to-day lives.

We must try to replace the negative with the positive.

“It will happen.”

“I will get into a good college.”

“I will score good marks this semester.”

“I can do this/I can try doing this”

Do you see it?

The real magic and “power” lies here. Once you start substituting your negativity with positivity, it’s refreshing nature will lead to vanishing the conundrum away.

Remove the nos, don’ts, and nots from your life.

“A positive mind is a happy mind.”

A person who’s optimistic knows that no matter what the situation is like it’s ending will always be favorable.

For example, one should be like a toddler who knows no negativity and is naturally happy and joyful. They have the power to be pleased with little things because they don’t know any other way to be; they don’t understand what being unhappy is. So our happiness should also be unconscious, merely natural, which only comes from continually thinking positively.

Why don’t we spread positivity every day in our lives and in the lives of the people who are around us? Is it so hard to be magnanimous, empathetic, or merely just a scintillating being in the lives of those around us?

What you think and say significantly impacts what you attract in your life.

It’s simple if you think pessimistically, you attract gloominess. If you think optimistically, you attract happiness.

What you live today is the result of yesterday’s thoughts, and what you will live tomorrow is the result of your today’s ideas. So think positively for your bright future.