The Society - Prabhav Tripathi

My thoughts often fly to a question of rumination and surprise,

How does this “society” measure the value of lives?

Why does it simply disregard the presence of anxiety and depression?

Why does it treat the pride community as some sort of infection?

Witnessed punitive history of incarceration and government-sanctioned violence,

Witnessed acts of civil disobedience and spurred periods of resistance;

Still, they act as if they don’t have the foggiest clue of discrimination,

When racism was injected in their land at its very inception.

‘Tis time to understand coldness of the void which makes the heart melt,

‘Tis time to unite and deal with issues of mental health;

Let people show their affection to any person- they’re conscious!

Let them love and stop wrongly castigating their pursuit of happiness.

From ignominy, ethnocentrism, animal abuse and human segregation,

To tales of bigotry, prejudice, poignant grief and extreme oppression;

We need to raise the norms of our “society” and make this world better,

As these monsters need to understand today that all lives matter.