The Subconscious Mind - Vanshika Pahwa

Subconscious is the concerning part of the mind of which one is not fully aware

but which influences ones actions and feelings. The subconscious mind –

something that has a huge effect on every action, but is constantly overlooked.

Instead, the focus is often on our conscious mind, which contains the critical

thought function of our brains. The subconscious is the powerful layer

underneath. It encompasses the awareness of all things the conscious mind

cannot recognize.

Once the subconscious is tapped into, this remarkable part of the brain plays

many different roles in your everyday life. Subconscious mind is like a huge bank

which intakes everything like what one thinks, sees and says.

We do not realise it but we do remember every small thing. The things we store

in it, is the way we react. For example if we try to always look for happiness then

we will always see everything happy, jocand around us since our subconscious

mind knows that we are looking for happiness.

Another, most common example is about examination. Your friend called you a

night before the examination and said that she has got an information regarding

the examination being difficult and many would fail. Now in that moment, even

though you have studied hard, you started thinking that you will also fail. It

bothered you the whole night and then the next day during the paper you blanked

out. This happened because your subconscious mind accepted that you would

not pass. Later when you saw the paper again, you noticed that the paper was

not that tough and you felt disappointed.

Now we take this example in a different way. Your friend came to you and said

that tomorrows examination will be difficult and many would fail, this time you did

not give it a thought, instead you told your subconscious mind that you will score

well as you studied hard and you know everything. The next day, during the

examination you noticed that you knew everything. This happened because your

subconscious mind agreed, accepted your thoughts of scoring well.

We need to be very smart and careful about what we say,see and think because

our subconscious mind works according to our senses and accepts everything.

Your conscious mind does the thinking, and its thoughts sink into the

subconscious. Your subconscious accepts these thoughts and acts on them.

Whatever your conscious thoughts are, they produce a similar result in the

subconscious. Think about the good things, and good will appear in your life.