They Matter - Ankita Kumar

In today’s world where murder, rape, school shootings, and bombings are the most common incidents of violence, the LGBTQ+ community has its own incidents of bloodshed.

The transgender community is losing its most valuable and important people – the transgender women of colour. Muhlaysia Booker, Claire Legato, and Michelle Simone are Black trans women who have been murdered in the past week. At least five Black trans women have been killed so far in 2019.

In lieu of the recent events, the Trump administration has taken strict action not against the murderers, but the transgender community. The Department of Housing and Urban development wants to issue a special license to turn away transgender people from shelters. This has been seen as an act of violence by major members of the LGBTQ+ community. The protection for these minorities has also been taken away from the department of healthcare, and that is the denial of basic human rights.

Many trans women of colour face discrimination, assault, homelessness and unemployment. For them, not even their own homes are a safe place; their schools are not safe; their workplaces are not safe; the streets are not safe and the law enforcements are doing nothing concrete to help them get rights to live a healthy and a peaceful life.

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. They face violence and discrimination in almost every aspect of life. THEY ARE NOT A THREAT, all they want is to accepted, respected and loved by everyone they know and everyone they don’t know. They have a right to belong.