Youth: The source of endless energy - Hannah Khan

Life is full of different phases. It has phases full of happiness, sadness and uncertainty. Every phase requires a new version of you. As a teenager, we feel uncertain and unsure of what lies ahead of us. Teenagers often think that their life is very complicated, as they are stuck between being a child and an adult, which seems very overwhelming and often leads to irrational decisions but after all, bad choices make good stories. Youth is like a present moment of life, this age gives more dreams to fulfill, to learn, to explore new ideas, to make things possible and achieve it. It can promote progress through more involvement in education, employment, and empowerment. A child’s mind is like a fertile land. It absorbs everything which it receives. Childhood is the only time when you have freedom. The other parts of your life one spent in completing the responsibilities in the world. Childhood is often compared with the dawn. It is done so because dawn symbolizes the beginning of a new day, new start and new opportunity. Dawn begins as childhood does; The air is filled with hope but the uncertainty of what lies ahead still lurks around. Perhaps, it is the dream of many people to get golden days filled with youthful innocence back. It is the most unforgettable phase of life.

The most heartbreaking part about growing up is seeing the world changes around us. We realize the distinction between all kinds of people, from all walks of life, both good and bad. We no longer have that innocence and curiosity of the world. We leave our childhood behind and forward with life.  Education earned as a youth helps us always in our life.

Youth has the potential to learn new things faster. If filled with positivity, they have the potential to change the world.The secret to enjoying life is not to stay in one place but to keep moving.